Great Apps for a better world.

Great Apptitude is an independent Application developer focussed on the Apple ecosystem including iPhone, iPad, Mac & AppleTV. Our range of applications include:

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StringMaster Family

StringMaster is a family of applications designed for learning fretted instruments. It is the ultimate resource for learning your fretted instrument! The family of apps includes StringMaster Pro, StringMaster Uke, StringMaster Jam, and StringMaster Lite. StringMaster has siomething to offer whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player.

Get In Balance

Get in Balance provides a collection of Optokinetic (OPK) and other tools designed to be used for Vestibular Rehabilitation, and in particular for treatments for conditions such as PPPD (Persistent Postural-Perceptual Dizziness), under the guidance of a Physiotherapist specialising in Vestibular Rehabilitation.

Dual Timer

Dual timer is purpose built dual count up timer, somewhat like a chess timer. This could be used to track the time each person speaks in a 2-way conversation, or time take for turns in a game, for example.

Guitar Connect

Guitar Connect is a Mac application that allows a USB connected Fretlight Guitar to be made visible as if it were a Wireless Bluetooth Fretlight Guitar, enabling it to be used with any app that supports Fretlight Wireless guitars.

A Guide to Life

‘A Guide to Life’ is a collection of 119 sayings displayed over a beautiful collection of landscape and portrait photos. You can select specific topics, flick forward or back through pages, or get a random saying that may help you by shaking the device. It is a completely free application for the iPad & iPhone, with no advertising or in app purchases. Its sole purpose is to make the world just a bit better place.

Coming Soon


MultiFive is a maths game where numbers appear on a chalkboard and the aim is to drag numbers using the selected maths operation in order to have the result equal to a multiple of 25. Numbers disappear each time you get 25, & new numbers appear every turn . 


Tilify is a digital version of the of old image grid puzzles where one square is missing and you need to move tiles one at a time to reconstruct the original image.


Stumbble is a completely new content discovery mechanism that replicates the dynamic and complex attributes of real world discovery in an online experience. This allows us to simply find what we are looking for, even, and particularly when, we don’t know what it is that we actually want.