Guitar Connect provides a mechanism to connect a Fretlight USB guitar, lighting it up directly with Sine Waves, Random patterns, Text, and Conway's Game of Life. In addition, for Bluetooth 4.0 enabled Macs, Guitar Connect allows you to share your USB Fretlight guitar as if it were a Bluetooth guitar, enabling it to be controlled via IOS applications such as:


Supported Hardware for Bluetooth Sharing

To enable your USB guitar to be shared via Bluetooth, Guitar Connect requires Mac hardware supporting Bluetooth 4.0 or later (Bluetooth LE). To determine your Mac's Bluetooth version:

Please see Every Mac site for a list of hardware. Note your Mac must support Bluetooth 4.0 or later to share your guitar wirelessly with Guitar Connect

Fretlight Ready designates that an app can send its data over Bluetooth to a Fretlight® guitar and light its fretboard. To learn more about Fretlight guitars go to

Guitar Connect supports Fretlight USB guitars with any Mac with USB and Bluetooth 4.0.

For inquiries or requests for future features, please feel free to email us.