Where all this starts, is the point of being here. I don't mean here, reading this web page, I mean being alive, living, breathing and being part of what often seems like a pretty crazy world. Figuring that out makes a big difference in how things turn out for us, though strangely enough it is something that many people never actually get around to really getting sorted. I am not talking about finding some mystical higher purpose either. While many people find meaning in all sorts of religions, for others, the vast differences and conflicts between various religions can make it even trickier to know what the point of it all is.

This is where all I can do is share my experience and what has worked for me. I really like the idea of learning new things, and being motivated by doing the right thing, working for a greater good. I have found to continually learn and continue to grow as a person makes a really good base for being content. I don't see any need for trying to pretend to be anything other than we are, and if we genuinely get to know ourselves, and see things we don't like, at least we have the opportunity to change them.

Life is going to happen to us regardless of whether we figure this all out or not, though the better we understand ourselves and the more we know about how to deal with life in general, I think the better off we will be. Sorting this out is also complicated by living in a world where often what is light, or what is right, is drowned out by self-interest, hatred, violence, prejudice or any number of other things we humans sometimes seem to have a never ending capacity for. I don't think joy or even contentment ever resulted from any of these things though, so the Guide To Life App is a collection of ideas and thoughts on both figuring out the point of being here an how you can make being here something special.

Like for me, there will be times when you will forget to apply some of the simple ideas in this app. Broadly though, with a bit of help, some effort and some will power, you can reach your potential, achieve your goals, love and be loved, and lead a happy and successful life.

Much like a series of motivational posters, 'A Guide to Life' is a collection of 119 sayings displayed over a beautiful collection of landscape and portrait photos. You can select specific topics, flick forward or back through pages, or get a random saying that may help you by shaking the device. It is a completely free application for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, with no advertising or in app purchases. Its sole purpose is to make the world just a bit better place. If you enjoy it and have the means, please consider making a small donation to a good charity.

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